Blue Moon Share Pack


Blue Moon Share Pack

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12 x 355ML Bottles
6x Blue Moon Belgian White
3x Blue Moon Mango Wheat
3x Blue Moon Honey Wheat
Alcohol: 5.4%
Calories: 171 per bottle

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3 varieties, 4 bottles of each. 3 Varieties Inside: Belgian White - Belgian-style wheat ale; Pale Moon - Belgian-style pale ale; Winter Seasonal - winter abbey ale. At Blue Moon Brewing Company, everything we do flows from our artistic approach to brewing beer. We craft our beers with flavorful ingredients and wheat for an inviting taste and a smooth finish that is perfect for enjoying the moment with friends. It's been that way since we added our first flavorful twist back in 1995 in Denver, Colorado. And that's why we say our beer and everything we do is artfully crafted. Belgian White: Blue Moon Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale, garnished with a slice of orange, was one of the first beers we ever brewed, the one that started it all. Since then, we've continued to artfully craft a collection of uniquely-brewed ales at the sandlot, even winning a few medals along the way. Pale Moon Belgian-Style Pale Ale: Our unique interpretation of the pale ale style is crafted with a touch of wheat for a smoother finish. It also has an inviting hop aroma without an over powering hop bitterness. Brewed in the Belgian tradition with cascade hops, European malts and with an added twist of orange peel and hibiscus, Pale Moon achieves a wonderful balance of flavors. It's perfect for paring with food and for savoring the moment with friends. Winter Seasonal Winter Abbey Ale: Winter's chill call for a more flavorful beer. In celebration of the season we've crafted an abbey ale with roasted malts, and a hint of Belgian sugar for rich caramel and toffee notes. We then added a touch of what to this copper-colored ale to give it a wonderfully smooth finish. It's perfect for sharing with friends on those long, wintery nights.

Imagined in Belgium and born in Denver, Blue Moon Brewing Company got its start by helping to introduce Belgian-style Wheat Ales to beer drinkers across the United States. Our Blue Moon Beer Variety Pack includes 6 bottles of the craft beer that put us on the map - Blue Moon Belgian White Belgian Style Wheat Ale. It's accompanied by 3 bottles each of two other Blue Moon beers that are just as flavorful and refreshing. Add our share pack to your cart whenever you're with friends who like to sample a variety of beers. It's perfect to bring to a party or when you're hosting friends and looking to make your usual night in a little more unique.

Why Buy?
All three of these popular wheat beers offer a subtle, refreshing sweetness, with the variety of orange beer, mango beer, and honey wheat beer flavors
Blue Moon seasonal beer variety packs offer a diverse selection of the best wheat beer: 6x Blue Moon Belgian White Belgian Style Wheat Ale, 3x Mango Wheat, 3x Honey Wheat

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Perfect for parties, BBQs or anytime you're with friends who like to drink a variety of beers
The Blue Moon share pack offers craft beer variety with 6 bottles of our top selling Blue Moon Belgian White Belgian Style Wheat Ale and 3 bottles each of two Blue Moon beers invented at our RiNo Brewery & Restaurant in Denver, CO

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